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What is going on in Dehydrated NUTFAR Company

Preparing first-rate nuts

At Natfer we have managed to provide you with the best quality of Iranian dried nuts, providing you with a high quality product, while also delivering quality nutrients directly to local and regional farmers and delivering them to the processing stage.

Processing of various types of nuts

Nutrition processing has long been one of the important ways to increase the consumer’s desire to use nuts. But the general public does not know the pre-processing steps, the initial peeling, crushing, dry powdering for industrial use is one of the steps in the in-process processing sector.

Packaging & Export

Over the past year, more than $ 2.5 billion worth of nuts has been exported from Iran to other countries, as young entrepreneurs in this field export their products to the Gulf countries as well as some European countries. Nutritious items include pistachio, raisins, dates, walnut and pistachio nuts and dried fruits.

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